Tunisian Crochet - Fun for knitters and crocheters!

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We have been working with Tunsian Crochet at BagSmith for many years.  It's a wonderful technique using a long crochet hook, and we have taught many people how to work with the hook at shows across the country.  I am so pleased to offer our Big Stitch Tunisian hooks once more to our customers.  These hooks are made in Ohio from US maple and are carefully carved and finished.  They are available in sizes N (10mm), O (12mm), P (15mm), S (19mm) and U (25mm).  The N, O and P hooks are 22" long which will allow you enough room for a whole afghan full of stitches.  The S and U hooks are 24" long and are perfect for those big stash projects where you use multiple fibers or for use with our Big Stitch yarns.  

Check out our BagSmith channel on YouTube for quick references to the Foundation Row, Tunisian Simple Stitch, Knit Stitch and more.  

Happy hooking!