Supporting Your Local Yarn Store - LYS

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We've been in business over 10 years and know some wonderful people in the business.  I don't know how I would have ever come to develop my products if it weren't for my LYS, Fine Points in Cleveland, OH.  Owned and operated by Liz Tekus, this store has a bevy of great yarns, accessories, and tools, but best of all, it has Liz and her staff.  There are great yarn stores around the world and what always makes them great are the people who are there to help and advise you.  Buying yarn online is easy, fun and for some people who live far from a store, a great convenience.  

And your LYS is even more of a resource!  They bring in guest designers, trunk shows, and teachers who have great skills. 

We appreciate our online customers but know that your local yarn shop is essential to your success in the craft and to the yarn industry as a whole.