Calling All Stashionistas!

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So many of us have stash.  That collection of yarns that we buy just because....they feel good, they look incredible, the color is gorgeous, the fibers are fantastic, and of course, just because you know you will use them someday in some future project.  

In our warehouse we have stash ranging from long ends of yarns that are too good to throw away to full hanks and skeins that are ready for a perfect project.  One of our passions is combining different yarns, working several together at the same time, and coming up with beautiful textures and color combinations.  As so, many of you know we sell small one pound bags in color ranges and have designed our Stashionista Vest as a kit that leads you down the stash experience in either knitting or Tunisian crochet.  

Using various fibers together can be both exciting and frustrating.  Be careful of chenille - it worms.  Working very thin yarns with thick ones can work, but watch your tension.  Add a little metallic here and there to catch the light and give a duller color a pick up. Most of all, have fun.  There are no rules here and the results can be fantastic!

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Needle Felting Bowls - a great summer project

I love all kinds of fiber and felting is a favorite technique of mine.  I've made hats out of wet felt and work with our felt pelts regularly.  I'm pleased to share that we are adding some charming, small felting projects on  The first set is a collection of kits from Purl and Loop [...]

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Your Local Yarn Shop - LYS!

We are about to attend The National Needle Arts Association show in Columbus, Ohio.  This is the gathering of suppliers who sell their goods to your local yarn shop.  It is an opportunity to share new products, ideas and trends in the yarn industry.  It is also "old home week" where friends who share their [...]

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Festival Shawl Revisited....Festival Throw

Festival Throw Kit  One of the most downloaded free patterns we have is the Festival Shawl.  This is a double ended Tunisian crochet pattern and is really fun to make.  I originally designed it for a yarn that was available a while ago, so we are now working it up in Trendsetter DUNE.   For [...]

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Texture, texture, texture!

We are so pleased to be presenting new Bulky Bundles from Great Adirondack Yarns.  Each bundle contains six yarns, all hand dyed at the same time and each one a different texture.  Yardage per bundle is over 700 yards.  The yarn does the work for you no matter which pattern you knit or crochet.  The [...]

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Inspiring Artists

We recently participated in the One of a Kind Show in Chicago and it was a fascinating experience.  The range of ideas and the quality of the work was overwhelming.  Artists came from all over the US and many different countries. The work was varied, from handmade flasks and ceramic pieces to some of the [...]

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Our Annual Thanksgiving Celebration

It happens every year around the Thanksgiving holiday - our celebration for our customers. From now through December 1, you can shop at BagSmith and take advantage of a 20% discount, and you can use it as many times as you like during the celebration. Just use the coupon code Thankful14 during check out and [...]

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Creative Juices

We're working on unique pieces for the One of a Kind Show in Chicago.  Each handmade piece is made from our yarns and felts, and knit, crocheted, felted and embellished in our studio. The show takes place at the Merchandise Mart  and runs through December 4-7.   We've never exhibited in a show quite like [...]

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Amplify Your Creativity

This has been quite the week.  Voting has started for the Martha Stewart American Made Contest.  BagSmith is a finalist and is competing for one of 10 awards.  The competition is intense as there are so many wonderful companies that are making interesting products in several different categories.  We are in the crafts category and [...]

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Supporting Your Local Yarn Store - LYS

We've been in business over 10 years and know some wonderful people in the business.  I don't know how I would have ever come to develop my products if it weren't for my LYS, Fine Points in Cleveland, OH.  Owned and operated by Liz Tekus, this store has a bevy of great yarns, accessories, and [...]

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