(6-18-12) Pillow Talk - First Edition


Pillow is our new, dreamy, American alpaca yarn.  We have collected the fiber from alpaca breeders around the country. We've sorted it and taken it down to our mill for processing.  Unlike our Big Stitch Alpaca Yarn, you won't need huge needles or hooks for Pillow.  This yarn can be knit on needle sizes between 11-15 or on hooks K - N.  It's a lovely, soft, bulky yarn and we've been dying the yarn with all natural dyes like indigo, rhubarb, madder and tannin.  Our color palette includes a deep red, Caribbean blue, scruptious melon, leafy green, bright pink, regal purple, platinum grey, silvery grey and two natural alpaca shades of cream and camel.  So we thought about naming each color and discussed all of the usual categories - flowers, trees, animals, adjectives and famous places - to name a few.  None of these felt right to us.  Then we went back to the product itself.  It's an American yarn made of domestic alpaca fiber, and a yarn we hope will be an inspiration to all who work with it.  That led us to American artists, and so here is the list:

Dorothea Lange - Cream; Helen Frankenthaler - Camel; Mary Cassett - Bright Pink; Jackson Pollock - Leafy Green; Romare Bearden - Deep Red; Louis Tiffany - Caribbean Blue; Georgia O'Keefe - Scrumptious Melon; Andy Warhol - Regal Purple; Edward Hopper - Platinum Grey; and finally James Whistler - Silvery Grey.  In future editions of Pillow Talk we will look at the work of each artist, their lives and their work.  Its a great collection and a wide variety of artistic ideas, so stay tuned.  

You can find Pillow here: Pillow - a dreamy American alpaca yarn.  Watch for upcoming Pillow Patterns too.

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