(6-12-12) Up to My Elbows in Indigo


Bringing out new products is always a combination of challenges, inventions and surprises.  We're working on a new American alpaca yarn, collecting fiber from one end of the country to the other, and testing hanks for consistancy and gauge.  Along the way we decided to use natural dyes making this yarn even more special.  Kathy Hattori from Botanical Colors in Washington State became our mentor and guru on all dyes botanical.  She worked with us to create our own color palette and guided us through working with indigo, logwood, tannin, rhubarb and various other plant dyes.  We even worked with cochineal which is a dye made from a small bug that attaches to cactus!  According to Kathy, "Natural dyes are the ancient textile colorants that were used by cultures all over the world before synthetic and petrochemical dyestuffs were developed in the mid-1800s.  The colors are beautiful, rich and glowing and each color can be linked to a fascinating tale of discovery, ritual and use by different peoples throughout history.  Every color in the natural dye palette has a story."

The best thing about owning this business is that I continue to learn and grow as does everyone here on staff - even if we are up to our elbows in indigo.  Check in for updated information on Pillow - a dreamy American alpaca yarn.  

Want to find our more about Kathy's work?  Visit her lovely website at http://www.botanicalcolors.com.

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